You can look at React Node developer resumes for more references as your React Node developer resume will be built around this. Your React Node developer CV tells a short tale about you and your achievements. Stories take us on a journey and tell us things in such a way that they pique our interest. So, if you’re taking reference from a React Node developer resume in 2022, keep in mind that you’re writing a tale about yourself.

Demonstrate your ability to identify issues quickly and resolve complex problems in a timely manner. Emphasize any experience you have in debugging and troubleshooting issues, and give examples of how you were able to resolve a variety of problems without disruption to the day-to-day functioning of the backend system. Implemented security and data protection solutions to ensure access control of users’ personal data. Implemented a Spring Framework-based solution, improving the reliability and scalability of the application and reducing downtime by 70%.

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Backend developers are true problem-solvers dedicated to developing reliable, secure, and speedy applications. Backend Developers play a critical role in the development of web and mobile applications, providing the underlying infrastructure that supports the front-end user experience. They are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the servers, databases, and APIs that power modern applications. Backend Developers must possess a strong technical foundation, including proficiency in programming languages, database management, and cloud computing. To succeed in this role, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices, and be able to communicate your technical expertise effectively through your resume. You may be a ninja at all aspects of the software development lifecycle from writing the code, testing the program, launching the product, and providing ongoing technical support if something goes wrong.

  • These resume headlines share facts about the candidate’s experience rather than specific skills and experiences with backend development, APIs, etc.
  • These programmers write code that controls the flow of data between users and servers and enables web apps to function smoothly.
  • Node JS development for desktop and mobile applications differs greatly and your potential hire should know that.
  • Your primary focus will be developing user-facing web applications and components.

This experience enables him to build scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant applications. With a passion for coding and strong attention to detail, Phanindra strives to exceed client expectations and deliver bug-free code. I am looking for an experienced developer with expertise in the AWS JavaScript SDK v3 to work on an S3 bucket.

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There are some examples on the left that you can use for inspiration. As a Node.JS developer, you will work with other team members to develop applications. Therefore, it is crucial to write clean code, as it enhances communication with all team members. They must be able to understand what you did in order to continue the development process. Writing clean code is a skill that isn’t often mentioned, but can definitely improve recruiters’ perception of your work.

Nemanja has worked for both startups and large corporations, like Novomatic and Microsoft, in various environments. He’s very familiar with Agile/Scrum methodology and has played the role of a lead, teammate, mentor, and student. He’s mainly motivated by open-ended tasks to stretch his intellect and skills to the fullest to find the best solution. Experienced with a variety of technologies and languages, he has a solid understanding of all aspects of full-stack development. Through his drive to understand the bigger picture behind problems, he develops unique, well-thought-out solutions. Our core product today is software for scalable, distributed, resilient operation of hybrid – LoRaWAN® and mioty® – networks and end-to-end applications, which we offer under a variety of business models.

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This is an automated process that narrows the pool of potential candidates. Therefore, including keywords outlined in the job description will help ensure your resume proceeds to the next stage, where an actual person will review it. As with any other resume, your contact information should be listed clearly. Include your full name, portfolio link, email address, and phone number.

node.js developer resume sample

Led the development and implementation of a new payment gateway, resulting in a 50% increase in revenue from online transactions. This guide will help you write an effective resume that immediately grasps the recruiters’ attention. To be a React Node developer, Node.js developer you must have a strong understanding of JavaScript, object model, DOM manipulation and event handlers, data structures, algorithms, JSX, and Babel. A thorough grasp of ReactJS and its core concepts, such as JSX, Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, and so on.

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Node JS Backend developers should also have strong knowledge of their field, and be able to show they are experts in their craft. Lastly, they should showcase their experience implementing secure authentication and authorization solutions to ensure the safety of customer data. With 4+ years’ experience in Python backend development, I have built and integrated secure, reliable web applications using the Django web framework and REST API structures. I have designed and implemented a CI/CD system, optimized code for performance and reliability, and created microservices databases for scalability.

node.js developer resume sample

When you list your education, state the name of the school, the degree earned, and your major. If you’re a recent graduate with little work experience but a high GPA, add your GPA, too. Send it to our recruiters and see if there’s an open job matching your profile.

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Beating the ATS means customizing your resume to each job you apply for, based on the job description. Let’s take a look at a fictional job vacancy excerpt to see what kinds of skills you could potentially include on your resume. While applying for a specialized job like a chatbot full stack developer, do your best to highlight versatility within the role. People in more artistic fields often go for snazzier templates like our free Word interactive resumes or Google docs resume templates—but if you’re in a technical career, less can be more.